Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Flying Fish

Fishing boats arrive at Sassoon Docks in the middle of the night and unload the fresh fish onto the docks using the flying basket method.

Tune: Just Like a Fish by Junior Parker
Tune: Catfish Blues by Skip James

Baskets are brought into Sassoon Docks to be filled up w/ the daily catch.

People rush to the boats to get first picks on the fresh fish.

A piece of cloth is rolled up and wrapped on top of the head to act as a cushion/ balance aid for the big baskets.

Young Fishmongers

Sassoon Docks were constructed on land reclaimed from the sea by the son of the famous Baghdadi Jew, David Sassoon

Sunrise at the Docks

Experienced Fishmonger

Tune: Ain't no Sunshine by Mama Lion
Tune: The first Thing I Do in the Morning by Joyce Williams
Tune: In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning by Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson
Tune: Idiba (Morning) by Francis Bebey
Tune: The sun Comes Up by John Legend