Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely


A few weeks ago when blood oranges were in there prime I made some pavlovas with fresh fruit. Pavlova is a meringue topped with whip cream and fruit. The meringue should have a light inside and a crunchy outside. A little corn starch folded into the meringue helps create the ideal texture. Pavlova is often served with strawberry, kiwi and passion fruit. I found some great California kiwis at the Civic Center farmers market. i also brought home cara cara and blood oranges for the pavlova. It was too early for strawberries, but the next week or two may present us with an opportunity to add strawberries to our next Pavlova. Instead of one large meringue, I baked petite, individual meringues. I served the meringues in a pool of blood orange juice and topped them with whipped cream, kiwis and orange segments. The sweet/tart kiwis and oranges and the unsweetened cream was a great match for the sweet vanilla meringue clouds.

(Merengue music and didgeridoo ditties coming soon)