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Eco Chef Roger Feely

Es Cendol

We went to the Indonesian Day festival in Union Square in San Francisco this weekend to try some Indonesian treats and to check out the gamelan performance. It was a hot day in the city, so I cooled off with an interesting beverage from one of the stands. Es cendol is a popular dessert/ beverage in Southeast Asia. It is an iced beverage made from gula melaka (coconut palm sugar), coconut and jelly. "Es" refers to the ice and "cendol" refers to the coconut, palm sugar, and pandan jelly dessert. My es cendol was extremely sweet and also quite salty. It tasted like brown sugar, salt, and coconut milk.I would love this drink if I were able to customize it to my preferences. More coconut, and less salt and sugar. I loved the green jelies that floated in the drink. Our pal Pushkin, who lived in Singapore for many years, told us that in Singapore es cendol is often served in a bowl, rather than in a cup with a straw.

There were lots of colorful Indonesian sweets and plenty of stalls with unique food that I have never tried before but I had just finished a "chupacabra" (scrambled eggs, chorizo, black beans, and green salsa) down the street at Canteen
Tune: Nasib Muara Kuang by Shahilin & Siti Rohamah from Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars Sahilin is a blind guitarist who is accompanied by siti Rohamah on vocals. They have been playing together at parties and festivals for over thirty years.
Tune: Langgam Di Bawah means By the Light of the Full Moon and is performed by Orkes Kroncong Mutiara, a Jakarta string band who use an electric hawaiian guitar, ukalele, banjo, flute, cello, and other instruments on this song. This is also from Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars

Tune: Hidup DI Bui, which translates to Life in Jail by Gambang Kromong Slendang is sung in the Betawi language. Find this song on Shithsonian Global Sound recording Music of Indonesia, Vol. 2: Indonesian Popular Music: Kroncong, Dangdut, and Langgam Jawa
Tune: Grup Bamba Puang by Los Quin Tallu-Tallu from The Rough Guide To The Music Of Indonesia