Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Sopes and Mission St Characters

I brought home a doggy bag of leftovers from a recent Hands on Gourmet event and transformed it into a Mexican feast. With the leftover masa I formed some sopes and pan fried them with some of the leftover cheese from the cheese platter and topped it with some of the super spicy tomatilla salsa that the Food Diva and her group put together. This group also had some leftover chicken that was stewed in a luscious red chile sauce, and I used this chicken to top the melted cheese in the sopes. There was some Latin slaw from the fish tacos left over so I served the slaw with the sopes. The slaw, spiked with citrus juice and zest is cool and refreshing alongside the firery sopes. There were also a few leftover tamales and some cilantro rice. I opened the windows and put on a Tigres del Norte record as I enjoyed the meal from leftovers that the Hands on Gourmet participants put together. I picked up a jicama at a Mission st market on my way home from the event. The sweet, crunchy jicama was perfect with the meal, and I got to hear some live mariachi music outside the market.

Mexican Beats: Rainbow Music by Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido

Mexican Beats: Invisible by Kampion from the duopandamix crew

Get some more abstract Mexican beats at Filtro

I found a guy with a Frisco tatoo on the bus ride home from the Hands on Gourmet event, and another guy with an Hecho En Mexico tatoo outside the Mission St produce market. Both the tatoos were proudly carved on the neck. There are plenty of Mariachis and interesting characters all up and down Mission St.