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Ambot tik

On my search for a great Ambot Tik recipe I have met many great chefs, and I have bought lots of dried chillies, kokum, tamarind, shark, and toddy vinegar at many different markets around Goa.Kokum and tamarind for sale at the Panjim market (above)
Teppal (above), goes by many different names along the Konkan Malvan coast. Durring the monsoons the thorny branches of the plant produce a small green berry that is dried and used in curries with oily fish. When dried, the skin splitys open and the seed is discarded. It has an earthy lemon/pepper aroma and a little goes a long way. It is unlike any other spice, but many compare it to Sechuan pepper and juniper berry.
Kokum is an essential ingredient in Ambot Tik.

Ambot Tik Masala

Teppal 1 teaspoon
Kokum ¼ cup
Garlic 4 cloves
Peppercorn 1 tablespoon
Cumin seed 2 tablespoons
Cloves 2 each
Cinnamon 1/2 small stick
Coriander seed 4 tablespoons
Dry red chile 1 cup
Tamarind small ball
Ginger ½ inch, grated
Turmeric 2 teaspoons
Salt ¼ cup
Coconut toddy vinegar 1 ½ cups

Grind all the ingredients in a mortar and pestal. Grind with enough vinegar to form a smooth paste. Add water and simmer shark or oily fish with one piece of kokum, diced tomato, and a few slices of onion in curry until succulent. Serve with Goan red boiled rice.

Enjoy the latest Soul Cocina Video that follows the life of a fish from sea to net to boat to dock to basket to porter to truck to taxi to train to truck to bike to cart to market to bike to home to pan to tiffin to tiffinwalla to work to plate to belly.

Tune: Too Many Fish in the Sea mashed/mixed by DJ B. Cause takes a De La Soul cut produced by Prince Paul and mixes it with The Marvelettes' tune by the same name. Oooh!

Tune: Sirens of the Dead Sea by Erik Sumo

Finally caught up with one of SF's Brasilian music scholars at the last night of Mission Bombay and he filled us in on the title and artist of the mystery tune from a few posts ago.

Mystery Tune: Funk Do Brasil Track 17 from the Soulsalaam mix circa 1999 is Jacaranda by Luiz Bonfá from the Jacaranda album.

But we already figured out the mystery thanks to the help of Señor OZ, who said the Jacaranda album is one of his favorites of all time with a supporting cast of heavy hitters like Ray Barretto, Idris Muhammad, Eumir Deodato and Airto Moreira.

Tune: Don Quixote also from Luis Bonfa's Jacaranda album. Get the 8-track

Check out Señor OZ and Pleasuremaker tonight (Thursday) at their weekly party in SF at The Elbo Room called Afrolicious as they host two of the worlds greatest DJ/Producers, [dunkelbunt] and Sabo

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Tune: Street Walkin' (Five years on) by Pleasuremaker