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What's This?

This is the first installment of the What's This? series.This guy was selling this tuber?, vegetable?, tree trunk?, fruit?, on the sidewalk beside the Jehangir Art Gallery in Bombay. He would cut slices and sell them to people passing by. It tasted kind of like jicama and waterchestnut, but it was more dry.Here is a closer look. Notice in the pic below I have taken a few bites out of a slice.
so.... What's This?

The last post was Soul Cocina Blog's 100th post. Although some of the posts came from the earlier blog, Rani and Raja which was hijacked one day while I took it off line for a minute for maintenance.

Tune: Two More Dead (Hundred Strong Remix) by RJD2

Tune: Pounds And Hundreds (Lbs & 100s) by Otis Redding

Tune:Fall in Love Again by Ms. Dynamite

Here is a short dubbed out mix that starts with Ms. Dynamite's "Fall In Love Again"
Tune:Dj Rajah's Love Dub mix
In keeping with the What's This? theme, I'll let you guess the rest of the track list for the Love Dub mix.

Tune: I'm a Drifter by Lowell Fulsom from a Kent Records 7"

Tune: This Feeling (Freedom) part 1 by Julius Brockington & The Magic Force from Burman Records 1974

Tune: This Feeling (Freedom) part 2 by Julius Brockington & The Magic Force from Burman Records 1974

Brockington put out a bunch of gospel records as well in the 70's. He played keyboard on a bunch of soul records too.
According to O-Dub, this 1974 record is a "remix" of the same song that was originally released 1n 1973. I guess the original version of this record did not have the haunting keyboards. I'm glad I found the 1974 version, cause I love what the keyboard adds to the cut. A 7" single being remixed onto 7" again? Sounds like Jamaica!

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