Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Billy Goat Gruff

Thank you for all the responses to the What's This? series from Nov and Dec. I will revisit the foodstuffs in question later this month for a recap. The Thanksgiving Mis en Place from the picture below was the beginning of another batch of Soul Cocina Birria

To prepare the Birria you need to start the day before serving. First I toasted the spices, chillies, garlic, and other ingredients for the marinade. I let this batch of birria braise over night.

In the morning, I removed the meat from the bones and added the bones to the braising liquid along with pureed charred tomatoes. To make this dish at home, just follow the directions here.
I bought the goat meat at a butcher on 24th Street near Folsom.

Follow Instructions by Cornell Campbell from his 1983 Follow Instructions LP

For more Cornell Campbell and other roots singers, check out this essential compilation from Bunny Lee and Ossie Thomas
Bamboo Fence and Curry Goat
Foundation Dancehall

Tune: Two Face Rasta by Cornell Campbell from Curry Goat and Bamboo Fence

Tune: No Hoppers Dub is the dubbed out version of the Ras Michael song from his Kibir Am Lak LP

Tune: Mystery Medley was recorded from a San Francisco radio show about 5 years ago. Probably KPOO 89.5 and probably on a show hosted by one of the members of Jah Warrior Shelter Hi Fi

Serve Birria with diced raw onions, cilantro, lime juice and fresh tortillas.

A Soul Cocina Production filmed in Maharashtra, Goa, and Calcutta 2006/2007
The camera follows the life and death of cows and goats.