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Reggae n' Soul

Here are a bunch of tunes that I am considering to use in the next Soul Pon Babylon Mix.

The theme is Reggae + Soul.

This could include lovers rock reggae, soul singers playing reggae songs, reggae singers doing soul songs, remixes of soul acapellas over reggae riddims, or just plain soulful reggae songs or reggaefied soul songs. And just a touch of soulful hip hop with reggae will be allowed in the mix.

The list of records and MP3's I have collected that fall into this category would make over a dozen 70 minute mixes. So I have to shave down the selections to the good stuff. Here are a bunch of tunes that I am considering for the mix.

Tune: the tune from above is yet another version of Busta's Wooaahaaaah! Got you in check tune. This time on the Stix record label. And the mixmaster artist is credited in the above pic. These guys have a nice list of hip hop vocals over reggae riddim tunes out there. Check the reggae version of Kelis' Bossy to appear on the Soul Pon Babylon mix.

What's Busta up to these days?
Check his Arabesque?!? tune up now at Mudd Up.

Tune: Side A from the above 7" again on Stix records by the same mash master as the first tune.

Tune: tune from above 7" on the Bombist record label by another French team. Bost & Bim. These guys also have nuff reggae/soul/hip hop remixes, and most of them are pretty great.

Tune: Drop it On from above 12" mixed by Friendly Rasta on the Drop Leaf Riddim
and more from Erykah.....

Tune: Honey (DJ Day Mix)
This tune is a lot more soul, and just a tiny touch of reggae, so it might not make the cut. The reggae feel comes from the bass line and the smooth rolling sound that feels dubbed out. I'd like to hear a dub version of this mix. There are dozens of remixes of this tune out there. Captain Planet and J Blow who happen to be two blogger producer/djs are responsible my favorite mixes of this tune, along with this sweet DJ Day version.

I really enjoy the entire New Amerykah Album and the Erykah Badu show in Oakland this summer was a musical highlight of the year for me.

Tune: Milk and Hony feat. Hollie Cook by Prince Fatty

Tune: My. Favorite. Song. Right. Now. info in above photo.
I play this tune a few times a day.

Tune: Feelin Free features Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators vs. The Dynamics
The Dynamics pretty much specialize in Reggae Soul. Look for a tune or two from these cats on the Soul Pon Babylon mix.

Tune: Come Over by Estelle ft Sean Paul

and here is a remake of the other popular Estelle tune....

Tune: Boy from the Island of Jamaica by these talented chaps.

Tune: Side B from the above 7"
Many of these songs are mash ups of existing reggae riddims with soul and hip hop acapellas mixed in. But it sounds like this instrumental was built specifically for Jimi's vocals. Not sure.

Here is another Reggae Jimi Hendrix tune. This time it is a cover version of The Wind Cries Mary
Tune: The Wind Cries Mary by Hopeton Lewis a Jamaican gospel singer.

Tune: Hurry On Now by Alice Russel

Tune: Love is Stronger than Pride (Mad Professor Mix) by Sade

Tune: Ain't Gonna Change My Mind is the answer to Alton Ellis' tune Change of Plan by Doreen Schaefer

Tune: How Long Do I Have To Wait (Ticklah remix) by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

Tune: Si Hecho Palante feat. Mayra Vega by Ticklah's
remember all the periods I placed after announcing my favorite song right now... well that was a few minutes ago. Si Hecho Palante is my. favorite. song. right. now.
Nice piano. Great vocals.. percussion, horns... reverb in the right spots. Solid lyrics.
Ticklah has put out some of my favorite songs in a while. This tune will not be on the Soul pon Babylon mix... it will be on the next Spanish Soul Reggae mix called Sol Pon Babylonia!

If you are in the Bay Area, come out to Bollyhoodthis weekend for some Sol Pon Babylonia w/ EKG, Rajah and Santero

Tune: Baby Love (I Plant Blacksoul Dub Mix) by The Supremes
Get I Plant's entire cd of soul reggae mixes here

Tune: Love Me So Bad by Lyrics Born