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Eco Chef Roger Feely

Pirates and Witchdoctors

What a world we live in when the BBC latest headlines include witchdoctor spies, pirates and voodoo dolls.

The pirates are living a lavish lifestyle.
Maybe they need some fancy chefs on board? Chef Nicole and I could prepare petite hors d' oeuvres to be passed on board the pirate ships.

We would keep sheep on board for fresh ground mini lamb sliders.And when we catch tuna, we will serve it sashimi style on potato chips with batarga, fennel and pear.

Rajah's Cumbia Pirata Mix

Cumbia Pirata Vol II

tracklist part I:

Los Piratas Del Zanjon (Zurita Mix) ~ FaunaColorada ~ Fauna
Dulce con Chile (Sonidero Nacional Cumbow Remix) ~ Sargento García
Marcelo Fabian vs Tego Calderón ~ Villa Diamante
Pa Pa Pare ~ Zurita
Con La Misma Moneda (Chancha Via Circuito remix) ~ Princesa
Balkanski Koombia ~ Uproot Andy
Usti, Usti Baba ~ Señor Coconut Vs Koçani Orkestar
Elephant Message Cuna Cumbumbia Riddim?? ~ Elephant Man vs Unknown Producer from Spain?
Colombian Blow ~ Too Short vs Kool Kyle
Las Guitarras de La Tomasita ~ Punjabi MC vs DJ Toty
Araña Guarachera ~ Selecta Rajah
Gaslamp Beat (Rajah's Guaracha Refix) ~ Gaslamp Killa
Berem Bem Bem ~ DJ Walter
Maria Candela ~ Sonidero Cordobestia
Party & Balogna Colombiana ~ Kool Kyle vs Biggie Smalls

Tracklist part II: Tan Bella Tan Bella y Presumida ~ Catalino y su Combo
La Hamaca Grande ~ Andres Landero Y Su Conjunto
Cumbia Misteriosa ? ~ Toty Dj ( remix )
Riddim Dancehall Villero ~ Sizzla vs. Hijo de la Cumbia
Guacharaca L.A. ~ DJ NEO
Maria Candela ~ Dj Sandro de America
02bombass top koombia ~ Lucas Luisao
Julito Toquecito ~ negromoreno - pesadilla
cumbia del Acordion ~ Christian Harmeny
Cumbia Electronica ~ Sonido Chihuahua
El Principe ~ Sonido Del Principe
Mambo Pa' Los Negros ~ La Union Colombiana
La pava congona ~ Andres landero y su conjunto
Sal Y Agua (Dj Diego Guacharaca remix) ~ Lisandro Meza

Tune: La Hamaca Grande by Andres Landero Y Su Conjunto

You thought pirates only existed in story books? Check out where the world's pirates are right now with this live pirate map.

Tune: Pirates by Les Escrocs from the Africa Raps cd

Tune: Beberu by Tanzania's Cuban Marimba Band

And witch doctors? Some use human body parts for their practices. In Tanzania, albinos are especially valuable for the witchdoctor's cauldron.

Salif Keita is one of Africa's top musicians. His latest work has been presenting the album Dounia by Ibrahim Nabo

Tune: Yemamara by Ibrahim Nabo

Tune: Ease up President by Yellowman

Tune: Ism Skism & Rosmarie by Yellow Man and Wayne Smith

Tune: Medecine Man by Sergente Garcia

Tune: The Lost Musicians Mix Magic by U.Ill. Musical Ensemble conducted by John Garvey playing Harry Partch

If you are interested in music, please do not miss this documentary on Harry Partch

Tune: Brujeria by El Gran Combo

Tune: ISANGOMA(Witch Doctor) by Miriam Makeba

Tune: The Alchemist Manifesto by Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada

Tune: Witch For Water, Fugue On No. Wanda The Water by Harry Partch

Harry Partch created many amazing instruments. You can actually play some of his instruments, via the virtual world of the internets here.

Tune: Banm Afèm by Barikad Crew from Haiti

Tune: Walk It Out (Creole Haiti remix) by UNK, ANDRE 3000, MECCA aka GRIMO, TOP ADLERMAN

Tune: Tres Goples Mas by Sambangole from the album Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land

Tune: Dada Uganda by Empire Isis

Dancehall in Uganda

Tune: Passports and Suitcases by Nomadic Massive

Tune: Neg Chante by Nomadic Massive