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I remember first finding out about Haji Springer when I used to shop at Bombay Bazaar on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Back then he was called P.I.D. (Polithizzin Indian Dude) and he had a pimped out ride that was full of promotional custom work and stickers that was always parked in front of the shop. Today there are always posters up at Bombay Bazaar promoting his newest releases.

Tune: Indian Rapper by Haji Springer from the Hello Buddy Album. This tune sounds like a yellow bus ran over Ludachris, Ishq Bector, Timberland and Eminem.

Haji's persona highlights his Desi roots as well as his Bay Area Roots. He has created a character that makes fun of himself and his heritage while celebrating diversity. It also comes with a big dose of thizz and irresponsible lyrics. Flow is so so, gimmick is heavy, some of the beats are nice. He is unique. He holds it down for the bay and teams up with some local heavy hitters like Keak da Sneak. In true hyphy fashion, he has created a unique stage character, complete with stunna shades and a grill.
A lot of the production on the Hello Buddy album is by Bay Area legend Gennessee.

Tune: Purple Stuff [instrumental edit] produced by Gennessee

Tune: Hajiwood by Haji Springer also from the Hello Buddy album

from Hajiwood to Halalwood

Tune: Idman (Feat. Dar Gnawa, Sweetman & Staiffy) by U-Cef from the album Halalwood

Tune: Gnasaid by U-Cef from the album Halalium

Tune: Ya Rayah [urban fix] feat. rachid Taha by U-Cef

Tune: Ya Rayah by Rachid Taha

Tune: Ya Rayah [Sonar Remix] by Dahmane El Harrachi

Tune: Etmakhtary Yakheil by Ammar El Sherei from the album Ammar El Sherei Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Tune: Ya Wabur Oully by Ammar El Sherei from the album Ammar El Sherei Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Tune: Kalzoom (Feat. Amina Annabi) by U-Cef from the album Halalwood

Anta Oumri by Lole Y Manuel

Al Quivira by Lole Y Manuel