Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Puffin Island

It snowed in the Oakland Hills. I experienced a hail storm on top of my hill in San Francisco.
Italian Meringue can look like smooth snow peaks.

To make Italian meringue, you need to combine one cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of water in a small saucepan. heat to Soft ball stage, which occurs between 235°F – 240°F. As the sugar cooks, whip 5 eggs to soft peaks. Time the process so that the sugar reaches soft ball at the same time the eggs reach soft peaks. Slowly pour the sugar into the whites as you continue to whisk. Whisk to medium peaks. Fill a pastry bag with the meringue. Pipe and toast with a torch.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Azuki Beans.

This Japanese ice cream topping is just like the Easter time specialty from Dominican Republic, Habichuela con Dulce, the sweet red bean pudding. Helados Bon has an Habichuela con Dulce ice cream flavor. I made it once at Citizen cake, it was great, but the customers didn't order/understand it. "red bean ice cream?!"

Tune: The Soul Cocina Puffin Cumbia Mix

Zorzal ~ Rodante
Linda Muñequita ~ Los Hijos Del Sol
Como Colombiano Que Soy ~ Fruko Y Sus Tesos
Marcelo Fabian vs. Tego Calderon ~ Villa Diamante
La Cumbia Del Balero ~ El Mexicano
El Chuponcito ~ Sonora Tropicana
El Canoero ~ Los Warahuaco
Esperma y Ron ~ Pedro Laza y sus Playeros
Quinteto Imperial vs Busta Rhymes ~ Luis Luisao
El Nuevo Negrito De La Salsa ~ Fiebra Latina
Psych cumbia beat (shake it to the ground Chico Sonido mix) ~ DJ Blaqstarr + Rye Rye
Tabaco y Ron ~ Manuel De La Rocha
The Swarm (Zuzuku Cumbia Klash Remix) ~ Noble Society & 77 Klash
Cumbia Saramuya ~ Corraleros de Majagual
Ron De Vinola ~ Guillermo Buitrago
The Clap (Toy Selectah MexMor Mix) ~ Bostich+Fussible
El Polvorete ~ Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto
Coroncoro ~ Niña Emilia
La Cabulla ~ Pedro Ramaya
Zum Zum Babae ~ Ceferino Nieto y su Conjunto Bella Luna
El Canato ~ Los Soneros De Gamero feat Irene Martinez

It's been cold in San Francisco. The cholos in the neighborhood with the big black puffy jackets don't look so suspicious anymore. They just look like they are trying to keep warm like the rest of us.

Icelandic christmas cuisine:
smoked puffin
pickled beets

One Self (Yarah Bravo, DJ Vadim & Blu Rum 13)

Tune: I Don't Want Nobody
from the One Self 12"