Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Betel Bump

Here is another Soul Cocina Motion Picture called Betel Bump. The video starts off in the village of Mutt on the Malvan Coast of Maharashtra near Sindadurg. There is a festival and ceremony during the week of Holi. The tree is a supari tree.
Then the motion picture moves on to a paanwalla working with the product of the supari tree. then the film moves on to people and places across India from the soul cocina lens.

Anthony Bourdain should go to the Malvan Coast

His No Reservation show airs around he world. But apparently, in some Muslim countries they edit out the pork scenes.

I guess the Soul Dukra Motion Picture would have to be edited out as well. This is the film of the wild boar hunt and butcher ceremony that also happens durring Holi in Mutt. [more on Soul Dukra here.]

Bourdain visited some great places in the past few years for the show.
In Jamaica he hung out with Mutabaruka. One of his new shows is in Puebla, Mexico, a center of cumbia sonidera culture and mole poblano. He went to Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Transylvania, Malaysia, and in Spain he visited Eric Rovira's Choccolate Lab, Extebarri, Mugaritz, yeah, that Mugaritz and El Bulli. Just a good show.

Tony at Mugaritz

Tony visits some pastry gurus of Spain. Check out the chocolate egg!

Tune: Junk Food - Food Dub by Mutabaruka

Tune: Da System by Mutabaruka

Pick up some Mutabaruka CDs and books here.

Tune: Downtown Pigs by Daleduro

Tune: I Crave My Pig Meat by Blind Boy Fuller

Tune: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat is Charlie Mingus' ode to Lester Young

Tune: Gimme a Pig Foot by Bessie Smith

Tune: I Heard the Voice of a Pork Chop by Jim Jackson