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This is the first of a few posts from Shammi. Shammi recently returned to India from Kufunda Village, Zimbabwe where he was continuing his life journey of learning and sharing. Whether bicycling the hills and jungles of Rajasthan bartering his hands and mind in exchange for food and shelter, learning how to make chapals from used tires, creating tasty meals with little or no oil/ butter, documenting the love songs of the Bengali Bauls on film or creating useful everyday objects from old magazines, Shammi is always active creating a more beautiful, sustainable world.

His first contribution is about a rocket stove that was built by his friends Jenny and Steven in the Kufunda Village:

~Whenever Jenny would sit near the fire as we would cook she would look at the smoke
coming out of the fire and express her concern for the unburnt smoke and would talk
about the fuel efficient Rocket Stove that they have in their place. So finally
she began working on it with Steven and finished it just before she left. It had not dried before she left so she didn’t get a chance to test it.

One day when we were cooking with the kids we decided to use it and I was REALLY
AMAZED at its working. It is super efficient, I would say it can do the same job in
half or even 40 percent of the wood and doesn’t give any smoke. I used to think
how can one have a wood burning stove without smoke but this actually is.
It was made on one of the old stove like the ones next to it.
The inner chamber was made by joining small, metal cyclinders and was given a layer of clay outside.
The gap has to be filled with ash in order to insulate and keep the heat go up rather than pass on to the clay which will become a thermal mass. We don’t want the stove to get hot but to transfer all the heat from the fire to the pot. One has to just put some clay over the ash and make three protrusions to put the pot and jenny had also said that we need to make a skirt around the place of the pot so no fire escapes from the side as that also is a big loss in the fire.
Tinashi was the one who agreed to light it up. The kids in Kufunda are really good at making fire, as I suppose they do it enough at home.

The chamber for putting wood is really small and according to jenny one is supposed to put thinner pieces. I read some where that it increases the surface are of the wood which makes it burn better.As you can see only the tips of the wood burn unlike the other stove where the whole log can also burn at on time thereby dying out soon.
The fire is on but there is no smoke, only when you take your hand near you feel the heat.
There should be a skirt made around the place you keep the pot so no heat escapes from the side and is all directed to the pot.

Zimbabwean soldiers are being given elephant meat for their rations ~BBC news

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