Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Xocoatl Embrujado de Mano

Tune: Hot Milk by Jackie Mitto

Tune: Chocolate City Dreaming by Oddisee

I like Oddisee's lyrics and flow and I love his beats. This is a simple groover with an appropriate title. 1 part Afrobeat, 1 part jazz, 1 part funk. Nice for making chocolate and nice for consuming chocolate. Homemade chocolate stories comming soon. The molino has been attached to the counter in the soul cocina lately for red corn and more.

Tune: Moliendo Café by Fanfare Ciocărlia

Tune: Moliendo Café by Cortijo Y Su Combo Con Ismael Rivera

Tune: Oriza by Cortijo y su Combo con Ismael Rivera

Tune: Ublabadu by Cortijo Y Su Bonche via Captain Planet

Tune: Cali Pachanguero by Grupo Niche

Tune: Llamame by Oscar de Leon y Tego Calderon

One thing you won't find us cooking in the soul cocina is Microwave Mayonaise. But you might find Luis V whipping up something that might look like Microwave Mayonaise at Orsen this month. Get in while you can before he moves on in April. Microwave Mayonaise. is a tune on MF Doom's new album, Born Like This. Dude got lyrics and beats to twist your mind and make your "eyes pop out like Popye on spinach" He always talks about food in his rhymes. My fav MF Doom line is "peace goes out to all my gingerbread bakers". He even messes with a little autotune on the tune Suppervillainz

Mos Def has an album coming out in the next few weeks or months. He also likes MF Doom:

Devil in an Apron Chocolate = Very Good [thanks for the treat Rita!]

Real chocolate does not need a mechanic for the blender. Xocoatl Puro no se necesita mecanico para la licuadora. ??

Tune: El Mecanico by Orquesta de Edmundo Arias

Tune: Licuadora by MeNeO

And here is some Gaga

Tune: Mambo Gaga by Gaga Joe y Kello

Tune: Chan Chan Chan [El Mago] by Unic Mambo

Thanks Boima for keeping the interest up on Dominican Gaga and for researching the ties and roots to Africa and beyond.

Tune: Crisis (Banana Clipz Bubustyle Remix)-Khady Black via GhettoBassquake

And props too for biggin up HYPHY NORTEÑO

Tune: Desmadre en el Bano by Los Amos de Nuevo Leon

This post right here on the internets and bloggospheres is dedicated to Jesus Malverde and La Santa Muerte

Tune: Embrujo by unknown artist from a Mission Street CDR called CUMBIAS RECUERDOS.

Here is a batucada video mashup of Grupo Guinda's Cumbia: