Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely


Mexican clay pot cooking on top of a wood fire with a day of the dead lady stirring the pot. Mayan Glyph carved in the pot.

This is the style/shape/color/texture/feel of the pot.

This is the mayan glyph to be engraved in the pot. {just the symbol, not the words} it does not have to be exactly like this, Mayan glyphs are drawn different from artist to artist, just using the same general shapes and lines. The top glyph "Manik balancing force" is just one part of the "Ochi k'ak" glyph.

This is the the feel of the wood fire for under the pot. Very open for interpretation.

Below are some day of the dead ladies. I like and dislike some elements of each.

I like the henna style design on her face, the classic lines on her mouth and I like the fact that she has a pretty face and not a complete skeleton face. One Marigold in her hair where the red ribbon is above her ear would be great.

This one is cool. A little too morbid with so much black around eyes. I like the line designs, but they are too symmetrical. The design on her chin is cool.

nice hair. long hair would be ideal.

this one is great one of the best.

Braids like this would be fantastic. longer fuller hair.

The body of the lady should be a long dress that covers the whole body so you don't see any legs or feet. She will be stirring the pot with a long wooden spoon/ stick.

Colors of the pot and fire should be earth tones red, orange brown, maroon, grand canyon, sunset. Colors of the girl... white, yellow, orange, turquoise {green and/or blue}, gold, black