Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Gypsy Pickle

Start with some root vegetables from your farmers market. I chose chioggia beets, black radish, watermellon radish and purple turnip. I also used turmeric root and a few yellow beets and red beets for a more dramatic color. Then I steeped some herbs and spices in vinegar. One batch for the yellow beet and tumeric colored pickles with Spanish moscatel vinegar. Another batch with Turkish mulberry vinegar for the red beet dyed pickles. Turkey and Spain. BIg stops on the Gypsy trail. I used allspice, fresh marjarom, garlic, bay leaf, black pepper and dried cayenne peppers. I simmered the spices in a mixture of water and vinegar before covering the vegetables with the liquid in jars. I add a bunch of salt then boil the jars for a minute and let them sit out at room temperature for about 12 days.

Tune: Gitano Te Quiero by Camarón de la Isla
Listen to the dueling guitars of Tomatito and Paco de Lucia on this track. It sounds like two wizards casting spells on each other over a cauldron at a caravan campfire at midnight. They make lightning bolts dance together and the wind carries the sound across the Strait of Gibraltar. I have posted this song sometime before in the past. Grab it now and listen if you are not familiar with Camarón de la Isla one of the greatest singers of all time.

Tune: Nass La Garriga by Dusminget

Tune: Vivir Un Cuento by Orquesta Andalusí de Tanger y Juan Peña Lebrijano

Tune: Al Alba Por Alegria by Lole y Manuel

Tune: Las Cuevas by Radio Tarifa

Tune: El Temporal also by Radio Tarifa

Tune: No Llegaste a Quererme by Duquende from Qawwali - Flamenco

Tune: Zozobra by A Hawk And A Hacksaw and The Hun Hangár Ensemble

Tune: El Son by Dusminguet

Tune: Menjani by Gnawa Diffusion

Tune: Braket also by Gnawa Diffusion

Tune: Yo Vivo Enamorao by Maria Jose and Adalberto Alvarez

Tune: Yo Vivo Enamorao by El Camarón de la Isla

Tune: Piste 11 by an unknown artist from a lost forgotten mp3 on my computer. Any help? Gnawa Production CD??

Tune: Amarraíta En Tu Pelo by one of Cameron's favorite singers, Remedios Amaya

Tune: Tierra Que Canta by Lole Y Manuel

Tune: Tierra Santa by Petrona Martinez

Señora Petrona enjoys music

Tune: La Tarara

Tune: La Tarara

Tune: La Tarara

Tune: Mango Pickle Down River by M.I.A.

Tune: El Manisero de Potemkin from the Granada Doaba album. Get the amazing album in its entirety here.

Tune: Noche from Macama Jonda

Tune: Dill Pickle Rag by Chris Chapman from 1908 performed on the glass xylophone via Locust Street

The glass xylophone is the next best thing to Ben Franklin's Glass Armonica

Tune: Digital Monkey [Soulico Remix] by Balkan Beat Box [thanks Jesse B for introducing me to this crazy music a few years back] Check the Soulico Crew If you missed Sabbo last night at Yoshi's, don't miss him at Dub Mission on May tenth.

Tune: Balkanski Kumbia by Uproot Andy

Tune: Piste 5 by

Tune: Passa Passa by Saab ft. Vampino from Uganda

Tune: Les Princes du Tiers Monde by Grandpamini

Tune: Gypsy P by Crookers

Tune: El Llanto De La Tortuga by Karol y su Amor Gitano

Tune: El Llanto De La Selva by Los Mirlos

Tune: El Llanto De La Pava by Toty DJ via ALTOSCOLOMBIANOS

Tune: ABC's [Gnawledge Remix] by K'naan

Knaan chats with Davey D

Tune: Unlabeled Gnawa Hip Hop Tune from Raiss Tijanni; Moroccan Hip hop & Rap2007, a CD Maga Bo picked up in Casablanca.

Tune: Single by Tifa, the B. A. D. D. E. S. T. on the Kabba Kabba Riddim

Tune: Badmind by Spice also on the Kabba Kabba Riddim

Tune: L'orient Est Roots by Bigga Bush Vs Koçani Orkestar

Tune: La Bemba by Nova y Jory This tune flips the Bam Bam riddim into 2009. The autotune on the voice here is more Zapp and roger and less T-Pain. nice. Also check our pal Busy Signal on the Bam Bam riddim.

Tune: Simple Et Naturelle by Speedy feat. Yaniss Odua