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Hobo Pouch

If you visit Spice Monkey, see if they have any Hobo Pouches. They are real tasty.

Tune: Only a Hobo by Bob Dylan

Tune: Did I Ever Ride Freights? Huh! - Kronos Quartet plays Harry Partch's U.S. Highball: A Musical Account Of Slim’S Transcontinental Hobo Trip
Harry Partch, American composer and instrument maker, said his music was “based on a monophonic system of acoustic intervals and an expandable source scale of more than 40 notes to the so-called scale.” He was known for his adaptation and invention of instruments, including the chromelodeon, the chordophone, the kitchara, the harmonic canon and the bloboys. “ U.S. Highball (A Musical Account of a Transcontinental Hobo Trip)” for chorus and instruments was first performed at Carnegie Hall in 1944. It is an account of a freight train ride from California to Chicago, part of a larger body of work that Partch composed after traveling the country. He and his group, Gate 5 Ensemble, recorded on his own label, Gate 5.via

the OG LP

The Harry Partch BBC documentary is a must see for all musicians and music listeners [aka everybody]

Tune: Good Day [remix] by DJ Greg Streets - Nappy Roots ft. Beenie Man & Rock City

Tune: Streets is Getting Hot - Beenie Man takes the Truth and Rights Riddim into 2009.