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The Whole Enchilada

Toy Selectah has put up an entire album for free. Not just a few sample clips but the whole enchilada. Some of these tracks have been out on the internets for a minute, some have not. If you don't know, Toy Selectah is one of the the forces behind Celso Pina's "Cumbia Sobre El Rio", the tune that took cumbia to the big time and popularized the use of hip hop and dancehall in modern cumbia production.

Toy Selectah's MEX MORE LP: right click to get the whole enchilada via Mad Decent

If you wanna make your own enchiladas, you might as well go all the way and start from scratch. It's not as complicated as you may believe to make your own masa for tortillas.

Here are 3 more tunes that feature Toy Selectah in one way or another.
Tunes: Sauce on the side TS mini compilation
1. Bumpin Time! (Sistema Local Mexmix Version) by King Ruly & Toy Selectah from Keepintime: Remixes
2. Mundo Insolito (Toy Selectah/Control Machete Remix) by Up, Bustle $ Out from Mexican Sessions
3. Cocobola Tripiton Remix by Japanese vs Toy Selectah

For a pair of great mixes by Toy Selectah head over to Synthetic Rocks

Another album I am excited about is the second installment of the Panama! compilation on Soundway Records.
While listening to the Ghana Soundz album and reading the liner notes, I decided to revisit the other great comps put out by Soundway. The first Panama! compilation from Soundways concentrated on "Latin, Calypso and Funk on the Isthmus 1965-75" It was filled with rare gems. To fill a record with music that is both obscure and magically wonderful is hard to do, but Panama! vol 1 delivered. Vol 2 focuses on "latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk from 1967-77" Most of the artists are Ungoogleable. Yeah it's 2009 and google is a verb. Just don't use "chef" as a verb please.
e.g. "So where ya cheffin' at these days, fella?"

More from Panama:

Tune: Regalame by Roberto y Su Zafra

Tune: Bata Bata by Latin Fresh

Tune: Muevete Cruel (dj Frais Mix) by Scaredem Fish ft Mr Vegas

Tune: Pan Caliente by Japanese
I like this tune by Japanesse with a great Soca and Punta feel and a Klezmer!? vibe.

Japanese and a bunch of other dancehall artists from Panama like to use the Vybz Kartel catchphrase "Up to the time"/"Up to the crime"

Tune: No Traigan Armas by Eddy Ranks [Honduras] ft El Bwoy[Panama] ~mas autotune!

Tune: Si Quieres Dancehall by K.O.M.

Tune: Todavia Sigo Hot by Danger Man on the wonderful Truth and Rights Riddim
Danger Man was great. R.I.P.

Tune: Bandolera by Danger Man

Tune: Quien Llego by More Fire Clan and Kafu Banton

Tune: Suena 1 2 3 by Kafu Banton

Tune: Vamos Irving by El Boys feat El Touxx

Tune: A Nuh Matey Ting by Stacious on the Wire Waist Riddim

Tune: Si El Hombre Quiere by Rude Girl (La Atrevida)
A reggae en Espanol classic, the flip side of this record has an English version of Tu Pun Pun called "Punnaney Tegereg" by Little Lenny.

Here is a response to EL Desmadre En El Baño
Tune: En El Baño No Hay Lugar by La Plaga del Hyphy

Tune: Put Frisco Up by Shay Sanchez
I bought this CD a few years back from brother Shay himself by the Powell Bart Station in Downtown SF after he spit a few rhymes.

Shay told me he'd rather be rappin than pushin dope.

If grills are part of the hyphy culture then it is still alive in the Bay. This is a pic from yesterday at a shop near the 12 street Bart in Oakland.

And look, Boima in Fader. nice.