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Eco Chef Roger Feely

Migra Comida

Happy Cinco de Mayo
The chile relleno at Rivera in LA comes with a stenciled message. via.

Tune: Guacharaca L.A. by Dj Neo

Coyotes charge their fellow paisanos about three thousand dollars to take them across the border. I have heard stories of people from China going to Mexico and coming into the US via coyotes. The coyotes charge them about 3-4 times more. Working side by side in kitchens with many people who have made these types of journeys, I always wanted to try and join them to make a film. Someday.

US Immigration has come out with a CD of corridos to deter folks from crossing the border into the US.

Steady studyin'

The Food diva piping churros at a Soul Cocina party.

Red corn
Soaked overnight in cal, some of the red corn is ground for tortillas, most of the corn is boiled with pork shoulder and posole spices. It's been dreary and raining in SF. Perfect posole weather. But any weather is posole weather really. In New Mexico, Posole is served all the time, everywhere. And it is hardly ever dreary in New Mexico. Seems like it is everyone's comfort food in NM. I bet la migra loves them some posole too!

Red corn ground for masa.

6 dried pasilla chiles
4 dried New Mexican chiles
4 dried mulato chiles
2 Tablespoons cumin seeds
2 Tablespoons dried Mexican oregano
1/2 teaspoon whole black pepper
3 cloves garlic
1 chopped onion
1 whole clove

Lightly toast the chiles and cumin. Grind the dried spices and the chiles to a fine powder. Grind together with the onion and garlic to a fine paste.

Tune: Frijolero
by the always politically incorrect Molotov

Tune: Te Pico La Abeja
by Alberto Pedraza

Tune: El Otro Mexico
by Los Tigres Del Norte

Tune: Immigrant Song
by Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Tune: El Emigrante Latino
by Juan Piña con la Revelacion

Tune: Inmigrante Illegal
by King Chango

Tune: Pelame La Banana by El General

Tune: Chiclete Com Banana by Jackson do Pandeiro

Tune: Moneky Banana
by Fela Kuti

Tune: Fried Bananas
by Dexter Gordon

Tune: Banana Split
by Al Haca

Tune: El Baile De La Banana
by Dicky Ranking

A few CUMBIA MIXES from the past:
Tune: Rajah's Cumbia Clandestina Mix

Tune: Rajah's Cumbia Pirata Mix

Tune: Cumbia en Mexico
is a tune about Mexico from a group from Peru called Los Iluciones

Rosa Carminia Se va Se va (son fúnebre)
from Sexteto Tabalá Los Reyes del Son Palenquero feat Rafael Cassianni

Tune: Algo Se Me Va
by Lita Nelson

El Huevo Criollo

Enough buggin out on Champeta, Cumbia and Migra Corridos?
Tune: Buggin Out O9 by J.Period f. Consequence & Kid Cudi from J.Period Presents... The [Abstract] Best

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Tune: Rep by Tiwony