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Pressure Cooker

Food Inc.

Old songs to hear:

Tune: Coal Miner by Nappy Brown
This is the only Nappy Brown song that sounds like this. Raw. Soulful. Primal.
The tune can be found on a cool comp called Boppin Rhytm And Blues

Tune: Miss Otis Regrets by The Four Blackbirds
Miss Otis Regrets has been recorded by many artists This is my favorite version. The tune can be found on a wonderful box set compilation called A Tribute to Black Entertainers - Recomended

New Mix to hear:
Tune: Hold the Line (b.cause check ya swag fix) by Major Lazer
More from B.Cause @ Daimonds in the Dust
There are gazillions of remixes out there for this tune. And I like a lot of them.
B. Cause gives it an old school hip hop feel by blending the vocals with a "Young Bree/Shawty Redd/Killer Mike instro". proper.
The OG track has been on the internets for a minute but I guess it is now official, cause I saw the 12 inch at Amoeba yesterday.

Blog to check:
Sonido Franko continues to share some heavy and deep gems with great background info on the artists, titles and genres he covers at Super Sonido A while back he shared some food themed tunes with me for my Beatwalla vs Hunger mix. I will finally have the mix ready by July 11th for the Jharna's Kitchen class.