Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Got dinner plans for tonight in SF?

photo of Soul Cocina bhel puri taken by STG

Come try some Soul Cocina bhel puri this evening at a lil' street fest in San Francisco here from 7:33pm to 8:33pm.

Soul Cocina Bhel puri is a mix of....
puffed rice
chaat masala*
toasted peanuts
heirloom tomato, chopped
pluots, chopped
red onion, chopped
cilantro, chopped
potato, boiled in salted tumeric water and roughly mashed
green chile, minced
tamarind chutney
mint chutney
puri chips, broken up
crispy fried chana daal (soak in water overnight, dry then deep fry til GBD)
crispy fried garlic slices
lime juice

*Chaat masala recipe
1 T black salt
1 t amchoor(dried mango powder)
1 T asafoetida
2 T cumin
2 T coriander
2 T red chili powder

I will mix all ingredients to order and roll up in a newspaper cone.
Soul Cocina bhel puri will be custome made. $3
Get yours spicy or not.... cause some like it hot.

Tune: Some Like it Hot by Dennis Brown

There will also be other street food carts and bikes out for the fiascle. Plus a special visit from outer space to our planet by the toes and feet of MPX.

extraterrestrial music, magic curry, Soul Cocina chaat masala in the air... we will only be missing uncle [dunkelbunt], who will be on tour in Europe.

[dunkelbunt] has just released the album Raindrops and Butterflies. And if you order the album from his website you get a spice mix too. I use mine in my tea.

RAINDROPS & ELEPHANTS - Piranha Re:Interpretations (PIRANHA MUSIK)

[dunkelbunt]'s music is like an imaginary river. If looked for on a map, it would start somewhere in India. It would head out west and follow a fairly certain path while constantly changing in size and intensity, through the Orient and into the Balkans. From there, things get a little more confusing. Like a delta it spreads, and none of its offshoots take precedence over the others. It keeps moving - west, north, south, looping around itself, on the way adding dancehall and electro, reggae and house, bossa and breakbeats, jazz and ragga to the mix. With his ever-growing list of featured vocal collaborators like Cloud Tissa, Jimi D, Selecta Bence, [dunkelbunt] continues to expand and recreate his unique musical universe, beyond any borders set between the cultures by the prejudices of the fundamentalists on all sides.

For Rain Drops and Elephants other musical traditions bubble to the surface and enter the stream from the deep, wide wells of Piranha Musik's repertoire: Simentera from the Cape Verde Islands and Fanfare Ciocarlia from the Carpathian Mountains, Boban i Marko Markovic from the banks of the Danube river and Frank London from New York's Lower East Side, Ihsan Al-Mounzer from resurrected Beirut, Ruth Yaakov from ancient Jerusalem and Watcha Clan from Marseilles' hard harbour 'hood. In [dunkelbunt]'s Piranha Re:Interpretations, the influences from both sides are clearly visible and wholly harmonious.

Variety is the spice of life!

Get your personal copy on uncle [dunkelbunt]'s homepage (CD / VINYL) with an extra homemade dunkelbunt spice mixture or of course in all common records stores. Mp3s on Itunes / etc.

Tune: Revedere Message by [dunkelbunt] vs. Grandmaster Flash

Tune: [dunkelbunt] rocks da funky beats]

A modern classic video from [dunkelbunt]: