Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Local ingredients of Oaxaca

From the opening tune of this LP, I think this group may be from Veracruz, which is Oaxaca's neighbor. They are kind of like Los Gatos Negros [another band from Southern Mexico]. They have lots of simple but hard hitting cumbias and they wear similar outfits as Los Gatos Negros [matching baby blue or pink suits with big bowties] But Tropicana Mocombo also play other tropical styles, like this straight ahead, short and sweet salsa.

Tune: Llegando A Veracruz by Tropicana Mocambo from their self titled 1979 album on Okeh Records.

A few of the cooks and one of the chefs at Nopalito are from Veracruz. The famous gorditas have just been put back on the menu, now filled with house chorizo. Get it while you can.

Tune: La Cosquillita also by Tropicana Mocambo with Little Gatito Felix Rodriguez on vocals

Tune: Anibal El Canibal also by Tropicana Mocambo again with Gatito Rodriguez on vocals.
This song is a crack up!

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