Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Wonderful Wednesday

As promised, on Wednesdays, I will continue to share some treasures from the Soul Cocina vaults. Today I continue where we left off last week. More Caribbean sounds. This time from Haiti.

Tune: Cabane Choucoune by Le Super Choucoune 70 from Ca Chauffe a Cabane Choucoune

Tune: Toutt Coucou also from Le Super Choucoune 70's Ca Chauffe a Cabane Choucoune
I really like the hand clap and horn break at 1:24 on this song.

And from the culinary archives, a Soul Cocina signature dish from an old chocolate stained notebook. This is a recipe I get a lot of requests for. I started making chile spiked chocolate cakes at Flying Saucer in 99. It was unusual back then. Then about five years later, I served the Chocolate Aztec at Platanos. The cake was featured on Univision. My first exposure on Spanish TV. [the second time was also dealing with sweetstuff] Since then, chocolate and chile has become a more common combination. The combo dates back to centuries ago when the Aztecs used to drink chocolate with chile and vanilla

Chocolate Aztec Cakes

12 oz Dark Chocolate
12 oz Butter
9 ea Egg Yolks
4 ea Egg Whites
2 C Sugar
½ C Flour, sifted
½ tsp Salt
6 whole Chile de Arbol [dried cayenne peppers], crushed
1 stick Cinnamon

Melt butter with cinnamon and chiles and keep warm for ½ hour to infuse.
Strain melted butter and discard the cinnamon and peppers.
Melt chocolate in a large bowl over a double boiler and combine with the butter.
Whip egg yolks and 1 cup sugar until double in volume.
Whip egg whites to soft peaks then slowly add remaining one cup of sugar. Continue to whip to medium peaks.
Fold Eggyolks into chocolate.
Fold Egg whites into chocolate.
Fold in sifted flour and salt.
Pour into individual buttered ramekins and bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

plus a special treat from one of my 7" finds at the now defunct Mission St. Musica Latina Store

Tune: Sin Pito by Los Corraleros de Majagual

Tune: El Borracho Converson also by Los Corraleros de Majagual