Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Azucar, jamaica y agua

Nice Creole/Caribbean music.

And Bay Area, get ready for some great Creole/Caribbean food. Hibiscus

Tune: Sugar Bum Bum by Lord Kitchener

Tune: Ants in Yuh Sugar Pan by Jamesy P

And I am re-posting this wonderful Caribbean music from the Soul Cocina Vaults in case you missed it.

Tune: Cabane Choucoune by Le Super Choucoune 70 from Ca Chauffe a Cabane Choucoune

Tune: Toutt Coucou also from Le Super Choucoune 70's Ca Chauffe a Cabane Choucoune
I really like the hand clap and horn break at 1:24 on this song.

The next tune is from a real groovy group from Guadeloupe called Les Aiglons.

Tune: Pas Malpaler Michou by Les Aiglons on Disque Debs International Records from 1974