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Happy BDay BB

B.B. King (born September 16, 1925)
I am who I am today because of BB and others like him.

Today was another long day in the kitchen and a fun night taking the food to the streets. I couldn't have made it with out BB. This is the kind of music I liked as a kid. I still like it as an adult.

I used to stay up all night liong with my radio walk-man in the eighties listening to "Blues Before Sunrise" and "Red Rooster Lounge" where BB and other more obscure artists were played.

Tune: Wory, Wory by BB King from Live in Cook County Jail 1971

As well as a bluesman, I was also a breaker [no pro, but tons of heart (-:! ] Cardboard box, boom box, Nucleus tape and music like this:

Tune: Funk You Up [long version] by The Sequence

~a pizza in the pizza hacker oven

Check the new Uproot Andy and Geko Jones Mini Mix here.
And find them next week in SF alongside my favorite local DJs, Santero and Boima.