Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Promise to build a Soul Jardin

Our pot of mint from Cole Canyon Farm for green chutney. Plant to blender cuisine!
Tune: Cadillac Funeral by Peppermint Harris

Above pic via MsWine on Flickr

This Parrot ate one of our chillies for the Bhel Puri at the Eat Real Fest.

And here is La Reina de Los Jardines

Tune: La Reina de los Jardines by Batata Y Su Rumba Palenquera

Tune: La Reina de los Jardines (son fúnebre) by Sexteto Tabalá

Tune: Jardin De Amores by Los Destellos

Tune: El Jardin De Juana by Juancho Polo Valencia

Tune: Garden Of Four Trees by Explosions feat. Juanita Brooks

Tune: In The Garden by Bob James

Tune: A Tree Never Grows by Mos Def

If you missed us at the Eat Real Fest, you can find Soul Cocina cooking up Indian Lamb Meatballs in tomato sauce made of black pineapple tomatoes and Dark Cherokee Tomatoes with hand tossed rumali roti as well as fresh juices and Green zebra gazpacho alongside an all star line up of SF street food vendors at Precita Park from 6:35 pm till 8ish tinight, Tuesday.