Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

these are a few of my favorite things

Tune: My Favorite Things by John Coltrane

brussels sprouts
tajines cooked in tajines
hard knock radio
jj on the radio
Cover to Cover with Jennifer Stone
grinders grooveyard
slim and slam
old school hip hop
new hip hop that doesn't suck
brown butter
homemade ice cream sandwich
Django Reinhardt
old records
old radios
old record players
hand made tortillas
old cufflinks
slow braised ras al hanout lamb
avocado shakes
fresh coconuts from the tree
big waves
burdock tea
genmaicha tea
fried plantains
tom waits
Cafe Siam and the Dragons Den
tea leaf salad
24th street
bernal hill
el barrio de Triana, Sevilla
Chimayo, New Mexico
Sasoon docks, Mumbai
Malvan coast of Maharashtra
Thelonious Monk
dried mango
Moped rides through rice fields of Goa
high dives
Dim sum that is not greasy
pizza that is greasy
cheap pizza
fancy pizza
Yumma's Jerusalem wrap on Irving street
Monterey market
shazam iphone app
de la soul
bademiya and thumbs up
balmy alley
The Graue Mill
Earl Grey
Camaron de La Isla
Rahsaan Roland Kirk
pea shoots
Theme for the Eulipians
The Italian citrus grower stand at the Alemany Farmers Market
Pupusas at Alemany Farmers Market
Pambazos at El Huarache Loco

Tune: My Favorite Things (Acapella) by The Supremes

Tune: My Favorite Things by Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society

Tune: ??Roland Kirk Dedication?? by ???? via the singleman affair

Tune: Theme for the Eulipians by Rahsaan Roland Kirk is a very very very nice song.
Tune: Haunted Feelings by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Tune: Echoes Of Primitive Ohio And Chili Dogs by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Don't forget to swing by The Secret Alley's Between the Streets party this weekend. I will be making food outside on Friday alongside the Pizza Hacker and on Saturday night I will be taking over the kitchen for some very special creations.