Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Fall Brings.....

.....the beginning of citrus seasonal sightings {these is my favorite fall/winter stall at Alemany Market}

...squash and pumpkin pie ice cream from Smitten Ice Cream

.....local walnuts and persimmons

...bhel puri with little surprises like pomegranate gems and persimmin stars

...mushroom risotto with blue corn, squash blossoms and sage-red walnut pesto

1. make a mushroom broth from dried mushrooms, leeks, garlic, herb stems, bay leaf, onions, celery and carrots.

2. blend together toasted red walnuts with parmesan, garlic, parsley, sage and olive oil for pesto.

3. saute risotto, onions and garlic in olive oil then cook in mushroom broth. finish with cream and parmesan.

4. sautee fresh blue corn with garlic and mushrooms in olive oil. finish with torn sage, cracked black pepper, toasted red walnuts and squash blossom.

5. top the risotto with pesto and sauteed corn and mushrooms. Soul Cocina naan from the pizzahacker oven and rumali roti for your goat curry

..........the street culture indoors

Food from: Deja Vu Gorditas, Peace Meals, Barcelona La Bona, Smitten Ice Cream, That Guys Fries, Gumbo Cart, Creme Brulee Cart, Brazilian Bites, Javi's Elotes, Chile Lindo and more

Music by Mucho Axe and Canto Mixto

Sandra Duran Y Ryan Garcia (Flamenco dance)

DJs: Fausto, EKG, Selctor Ben {GumboMan}

November 21st from 7pm - 2 am
Baobab Village (former Bollyhood cafe)
3372 19th Street (between Mission and Capp)
RSVP on Facebook dim sum on chilly Marin days from True Gourmet at the Marin Farmers Market

.........pumpkin carving

.....little cilantro and lettuce to plant from the Free Farm Stand

.....slow braised hearty greens

Tune: Beatiful Dancer by Fela Kuti

Tune: I Know (ft. Pharrell) from Hindustani Gangster

Tune: Ley Ja Kitte Door {DJ Ear Flaps joint}

Tune: Gentleman f. Bajah by J.Period & K'Naan from The Messengers (Trilogy)

In the fall twenty years from now, kids will be "making music on their cell phones and grilling octopi."