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Chicken Skin Chicharrones from a batch of adobo from a Beacon Culinary Project class. Adobo recipe courtesey of Adobo Hobo.

Remember when I said that the good chicharrones are made by droppiong up and down in the fry oil/lard? Well I'm not sure why this is true. They seem to become more light and airy when they are dropprd in the oil and removed and dunked back in and out again. Seems like it allows more opportunity for air pockets to form. Same is true with pani puri gol gappas. In order to get them to puff up a lot, it always helps to drop them in and out and shake them around a lot. It also helps to fry fewer at a time.

Manjula only fries a few at a time. And she also bobs them up and down. Manjula is the best by the way. She makes a bunch of different Indian dishes from scratch. Very cool lady.

Here is the recipe for Soul Cocina Gol Gappas for Pani Puri:
For Puri
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1 cup semolina flour
1/4 cup soda water
2 teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients together. Knead for a few minutes. Allow to rest, covered for 35 minutes. Roll thin and cut out circles. Deep fry using the dunk and lift method until GBD.

Street Art

Celebrate Sour Flour's thousandth loaf today at Monkey Club 5pm. Danny the Gastronomer will be giving away free bread. I'll make some winter squash curry to go with the bread.
Tune: Little More Oil Featuring Sister Nancy by DJ Rupture from Special Gunpowder
I first bought this album when I saw it on the shelf at Aquarius Records. I bought it because it was a 12" record with flying watermelons on it and it had a gueast spot by Sister Nancy. When I was a kid I used to do flying watermelons off of the high dive. Kids pools don't have diving boards anymore, let alone high dives. Insurance and fear is the new summer fun.

Tune: Deep Fried (Robot Koch Remix) by Rustie Vs. Cerebral Vortex from Palmsout remix sunday 91

Snake Oil by Typical Cats

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Joy Of Cooking with Joe Thomas. Funky Flute. Sly Stones "Thank You"

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