Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Yo Digo Baila

Tune: The Hour Long Soul Cocina Mix by Rajah

above photo by eviloars

Soul Cocina Chiles en Nogada photos by Slowpoke SF

Toasty Melts pork belly buns may make an appearance at OUTSIDE IN this saturday

Kike on a Bike will make an appearance at OUTSIDE IN

Got Fries? That Guys Fries will have you covered at OUTSIDE IN

Lumpia Lumpia Lumpia

Selector Ben AKA The Gumbo Man will serve his famous gumbo and select the classic hip hop and dancehall tunes for your dancing pleasures at OUTSIDE IN

The Genie, Fossil Fool, Roger Mas and more will also be performing at OUTSIDE IN

~from the Mission Local Street Eats feature

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