Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Baby It's Cold Outside

The first Outside In... more to come soon
thanks to the DJs:
DJ Tee Money
Yummy Melon
Chief Boima
{Boima's "Africa by the Bay" EP on Dutty Artz free release tomorrow TODAY}
Roger Mas
Selector Ben {we had to cancel his set, but look for him at the next one}
Jazzy Fausto

Two tunes from the Ital Jockey Riddim

Inside Out by Cocoa Tea

Eyes on the Prize by Gyptian

And don't miss the Perfect Lover tune by Pressure on the same riddim.
For more roots and culture get familiar with the Evil Jerk Cart
If ya don't know.... now ya know!

Tune: Soldier of Love by Sade via BoxKev

very big new tune from the princess Sade. Same old smooth hypnotic soul with a beat from the future. Big up all the soul soldiers of love!

Tune: Baby It's Cold Outside by Hot Lips Page and Pearl Bailey {thanks Mark!}

I'll leave you with some off beat Caribbean Christmas chunes

Tune: Dime a Vel, Mambo Navide├▒o by Rita Indiana y los Misterios featuring Vaker├│, Juliana y Daniel Santacruz

more Rita Indiana @ Tumai

Santa Flaws! (Cocotaxi Remix) by Prince Zimboo

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Yeah, Prince Zimboo, Heh!

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