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Tune: Hurry on Down by Nellie Lutcher

Tune: Hurry On Now (ERIK.THE.RED's Tubbified Mashdown) by Alice Russell

Tune: Getting Nowhere In a Hurry by Roy Budd

Tune: It's My Thing by Betty Moorer

It's Your Thing by Dennis Coffey and Lyman Woodwa

Tune: It's a New Thing (It's Your Thing) w/ The Isley Brothers by De La Soul

Tune: It's My Thing by Marva Whitney

Do Your Thing {Instrumental} by Kashmere Stage Band

Tune: Do Your Thing by Lyn Collins

Tune: It's Your Thing by Alton Ellis

Tune: Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On by Chuck Carbo

Tune: La Lechuza by Los Ahijados Cuco y Martin Valoy

And if you love Afro Colombian music and culture like I do, don't miss out on this post about Batata over at Generation Bass

And if you are in SF on Monday {today}, check the homegirl Smitten Ice Cream at 111 Minna for some holiday ice cream.

Dope dub using loop technique like The Genie. One of the only "Electronica Dub" producers that infuses Middle Eastern sounds without going cheeseball {see all the Asian Underground - Arabesque, etc etc compilations from the past decade or two}

Listen to Santero on NPR
Don't miss your opportunity to pick up some great Christmas gifts, taste the best of the Bay's food cart cuisine and get your holiday cheer on with great peeps to the soudtrack of the Bay's greatest DJs tomorrow night @ OUTSIDE IN at 330 Ritch from 6pm - 2am

Slow Jams will have holiday jam to funk up your stockings


Doner Dunya by 3 Hur-El from Hurel Arsivi

Tune: Kol Basti also by 3 Hur-El from Hurel Arsivi