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Langston's Jazz

The Story Of Jazz by Langston Hughes from 1954
This is a good story about jazz music for young and old folks alike. Narrated by Langston Hughes, this is a great way to get familiar with the foundation.

Tune: History of Jazz Side A

Tune: History of Jazz Side B

Langston Hughes used to perform spoken word with live jazz in the twenties. This art was brought back to life by the beats of the fifties. He recorded Weary Blues with Charles Mingus in 1958

Tune: I'm a Bad Man by Charles Mingus & Langston Hughes from Weary Blues

Tune: What Happens to a Dream Differed? by Charles Mingus & Langston Hughes from Weary Blues

There is a song on the CD version of Charles Mingus' Tijuana Moods called Colloquial Dream (aka Scenes In The City) with spoken word by Lonnie Eldger, written by Langston Hughes. Not on the LP, you can hear a short excerpt here.

And here are two of my favorite Bobby/i's from the Soul Cocina Soul Jazz Vinyl Vaults. Enjoy!
Tune: Jasper Country Man by Bobbi Humphry from Blacks & Blues

Tune: Ummmh by Bobby Hutcherson w/ Harold Land from the San Francisco LP