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Eco Chef Roger Feely

SF Underground Farmers Market is Back TONIGHT!

The market is back!

When: Thursday Jan 28th from 5-11pm

Where: 199 Capp st. at 17th, San Francisco {across the street from The Secret Alley}

How Much: Free – sign up on SF FORAGE list

Here is a full list of the vendors that are going to be at the market:
Erin Murry - sauerkraut
The Girl From Empanada – Fresh Empanadas CHILE LINDO!
Indu Kline -Ghee and other Weston A Price foods
Rana Chang (House Kombucha) -kombucha
Olivia (little cake peddler)-Cupcakes
Margaret Wong-Wild mushroom spreads
Jeff tidwell-kraut
Katherine Kirby – Granola
Patricia- home grown veggies
Jessica (golden crust)- Pies Pies Pies
Will Schrom – sarasparilla
Jana Blankenship – soaps and salves
Shakirah (Slow Jams) – Jams
Arianna Montmayer – Cupcakes
Susan Marjanovic- Raw chocolate
Pearl’s Kitchen-corned beef sandwiches
Lane Kennedy-kettle corn
Heartbaker- amazing desserts
Julia Abbassi-bread
Soul Cocina- Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Mole
Becky Spencer-Jams
John Farais-Acorn fudge
Stephanie Rosenbaum – Bread and jam
Kate Thompson and Christine Waring – Granola
Robin Jolin-Kombucha

I already picked up my limited edition poster from local artist Philip Clark. You can get yours at the market tonight! or contact phclark{at}gmail{dot}com