Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Outside In #4 street food x VINO

Heart * Soul Cocina * Kitchenette present:

Street Food x Vino

Your favorite San Francisco street food chefs and a few local underground chefs will converge to present a feast of street food.

The good folks at Heart will pair wines with each dish.

Bass heavy beats supplied by DJs:

Tee Money {SF WEEKLY}

Author of Country Fried Soul: Adventures in Dirty South Hip-Hop
and spins spins monthly at Mazu
As a contributing journalist for SF Weekly, T$ gets to interview a lot of the artists she spins, including the vocalists on these two mashups (Chuck D and Mary J Blige)!!

Tune: T$ ChillitsO8 Mix

Tune: Earth, Wind & Flav mixed by T$

Tune: Real Grindin' mixed by T$


DJ Concerned Free Gang Starr Mixtape R.I.P. Guru

B. Cause
Check out DJ B Cause's mixes, mashes & edits at Diamonds in the Dust

Food by:

Putin & Mini Goat Tacos BEER: Moose Drool Beer

Urban BBQ Coleman Natural Hampshire pork belly, Smoked and slow roasted with a smoked spring tomatoes jam and wild field greens WINE: Martellotto GSM & Pulled pork/spicy pork brisket WINE: Hofer Zweigelt

Leif Hedendal Off the grid delights

Adobo Hobo Chicken Adobo and Vegetable Adobo WINE: Tarantas Crianza

Sour Flour Hand Made Naturally Levened San Francisco Bread WINE: Closerie des Lys Blanc

Slow Jams Wild Honey Lemon Marmalade, Strawberry Marmalade, Urban Meyer Lemon Curd and Vanilla Strawberry Jam. May have Hot Pepper Jelly WINE: Closerie des Lys Blanc

Creme Brulee Cart Creme Brulee! WINE: HM Borges Madeira

Magic Curry Kart Red Prawn Curry WINE: Weegmuller Riesling

Pizza Hacker Pizza Margarita WINE: Occhipinti SP68

Lumpia Cart Pork and Vegetable Lumpia WINE: E Campi Soave

Soul Cocina Bhel Puri and Pani Puri WINE: Meyer Pinot Gris

Venga Empanadas chicken, beef, caprese and spinach WINE: Bielsa Garnacha

Gumbo Cart Smoked Sausage/Chicken Gumbo. Moderately spicy WINE: Fremont Par Nature Cider

Forage SF pork belly buns with wild onions and sweet/spicy scricca WINE: Domaine Ostertag Riesling

Egg Creme Cart Egg Cream smoothies/milkshakes

Evil Jerk Cart Jerk Chicken with Allpice and Thyme; scotch bonnet peppers and salty flavor from soy in the marinade. A savory dish with an evil kick... WINE: Peillot Altesse

Toasty Melts Manchego Melt!

Chile Lindo Empanadas! WINE: Bielsa Garnacha
(Photo courtesy of Myleen Hollero. via Bay Area Bites)

At Heart 1270 Valencia Street @ 24th
Sunday April 25th 6pm - 10pm