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Irish Hill

Some interesting SF history: Irish Hill

Come visit the neighborhood for Outside In #5 on Sunday May 16 in the afternoon.


Check out the hommie Audrey McCrae on the internets!
And our pal Stephen from H.O.G. is now writing for Bay Area Bites!

And also check Mr E/Papalote High Hi Fi on the OkayPlayer reggae page Large Up! But Soul Cocina readers are already hip to those beats and burritos. But by reading further into the large up site, I discovered that Tanya Stephens' new LP is up for free download. And I also noticed that Eddie Stats writes for Large Up! So I was reminded to check out the tropical heat over at his home at the Fader website Ghetto Palms

Here are some lo-fi samples of what you can expect from the forthcoming release from Chicano Batman

Tune: La Manzanita by Chicano Batman from Unicornio Records Buy it at Juno

Tune: It's a Balloon also by Chicano Batman

Here's what Gomez Comes Alive! from the Amoebablog says about Chicano Batman. {btw, support real record stores please}

"Imagine one of the multitude of gruperas, hoping one day to become as big as Los Bukis and Yndio, touring central California in a seventies Dodge Van. During the drive to Fresno, the band, dressed in matching baby blue ruffled dress shirts, decide to smoke some grass, drop acid and listen to Caetano Veloso and Televison's Marquee Moon. Chicano Batman’s debut is what I imagine that next gig would sound like; Baladas with space jams, Pop songs with Brazilian breaks and Flange drenched Cumbias. Probably my favorite L.A. band at the moment."

Inthrumental LP by Gnotes on Gnawledge Records produced by Canyon Cody




Here is a New Orleans Brass Band Remix

What's my Name {Aldo Vanucci Remix} via DJ Concerned {follow DJ Concerned on Twitter and help him win a burrito}