Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely


Rasquache - Sumpthin from nuthin'

Tune: Ain't Nothing But Something to Do by Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family

Get hip to the sounds of Matt Shadetek from Dutty Artz w/ a new Podmix on XLR8R

01 Mosholu Park "Dance In Your Blood" (Dutty Artz)
02 Rita Indiana "Los Poderes" (Dutty Artz)
03 DJ Cleo "Phase 4" (Will of Steel)
04 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm "Look Pon Me" (Mixpak)
05 Matt Shadetek "Wonton Garden" (Dutty Artz)
06 Mavado "So Blessed (De Tropix Soca Remix)" (Mad Decent)07 Chief Boima "Shake Dem Dreads" (Dutty Artz)
08 Matt Shadetek "Light Falling" (Dutty Artz)
09 Cero39 "KZ Stereo (Merengon)"
10 Contakt & Mayster "Korak"
11 NGUZUNGUZU "El Bebe Ambiente" (Shade Business)12 Chief Boima "Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Remix)" (Dutty Artz)
13 Lil Silva "Night Skanker" (Night Slugs)
14 Contakt "Not Forgotten"
15 Maxwell D "Walked Away"
16 Cero39 "Pa Las Leas"
17 Mosca "Nike (Club Edit)" (Night Slugs)
18 DRT "Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix)"
19 DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek "Horchata" (Dutty Artz)
20 Ultravid "Clan of Wow (Kingdom Remix)" (Silverback)
21 Zomby "Rumours & Revolutions" (Brainmath)
22 Matt Shadetek "Church Avenue" (Dutty Artz)
23 Matt Shadetek "iHop" (Dutty Artz)
24 Timeblind "Coltan & Cassiterite" (The Agriculture)
25 Matt Shadetek "Moving Reflections" (Dutty Artz)
26 Marcus Visionary "St. Vincent" (Liondub International)
27 Matt Shadetek "Spirits" (Dutty Artz)
28 Jahdan Blakkamoore "Never Gonna Stop" (Dutty Artz)
Get ready for a new release from Matt Shadetek titled Flowers out June 8th

seared sea scallops on lotus chip w/ mint, English pea, candied bacon
1. Slice Lotus root thin and soak in cold water for thirty minutes. Deep fry in rice oil to make lotus chips.

2. Blanch shucked English peas in salted water with a few drops of agave for 2 minutes then shock in ice bath. Puree with mint and lemon juice and season with salt and agave to taste.

3.Dice bacon and cook bacon. Save bacon fat. Cook sugar in a pan until caramelized. Add cooked bacon and a little bacon fat. Pour a thin layer of the bacon caramel onto a pan to cool to room temperature to harden.

4. Season sea scallops with salt and pepper. Sear both sides of scallops over high heat with minimal oil.

5. Place scallop on lotus chip, top with pea puree then bacon candy, mint and toasted sea fronds.

6. Squeeze lemon over everything. Finish w/ sea salt.

Grab the new mix by J Boogie and Sake One ~~ Leftism 3 from Om records

I picked up a Nicomedes Santa Cruz album a few weeks ago at a record swap in town from Sake One.

Tune: Mam Luchita by Nicomodes Santa Cruz

Tune: Samba Malato by Nicomodes Santa Cruz