Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Cooking Class July 7th at Sur La Table

There is still time to sign up for this fast approaching cooking class at Sur La Table, Union Square in San Francisco.

~Join us for this very special class led by Roger Feely of Soul Cocina. A local chef who is part of the street food scene, Feely’s Mexican menu isn't your run of the mill fare. You’ll learn how to prepare authentic and easy to make dishes that will give you and your guests a new appreciation of the wonderful flavors found throughout real Mexican kitchens.

Homemade Green Chorizo Sopes with Homemade Queso Fresco -
Hot and Spicy Chile de Arbol Totopos
Cactus-Black Bean Huaraches - Roasted Mexican Squash in Mole Pipian & Purple Potatoes
Mexican Meatball Soup
Mini Tres Leches Cakes and Fresh Strawberries

Cactus-Black Bean Huaraches topped w/ Roasted Mexican Squash in Mole - Pipian and Purple Potatoes

3# masa de nopal {fresh corn masa mixed with cactus juice}

refried black beans

1 ¼ cup black beans soaked over night

1 onion, chopped

4 cloves garlic

2 pieces epazote

2 pieces avocado leaf

1 guajillo chile

2 T rice oil


-Slowly simmer beans with herbs, chile and ½ the onion and ½ the garlic. When cooked add salt to taste. Fry the remaining garlic and onion in oil. Add to cooked beans and process with stick blender until smooth.

-Fill 3 oz balls of masa with 1 Tablespoon each of refried beans and form into huaraches.

Mole Pipian

1 bunch cilantro

½ bunch epazote

½ bunch hoja santa

½ bunch quelite

½ bunch papalo

4 tomatillos

4 serrano chillies

5 cloves garlic

1 ¼ cup lime juice

1 Tablespoon coriander, toasted, ground

1 Tablespoon cumin, toasted, ground

3 Tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted, ground

½ cup pumpkin seeds, toasted, ground

-Grind the herbs, garlic, chillies and Tomatillos with lime juice in a blender. -Mix in the toasted spices and seeds.

3# Mexican Squash

“roll cut” and roast the squash at 35O degrees with salt and pepper for 12 minutes.

-Toss the roasted squash in the mole pipian.

3# purple potatoes, cubed and boiled

1 T minced garlic

1 T whole cumin seeds

1 T rice oil

-sautee the potatoes with cumin and garlic in oil until cumin and garlic are toasted and not burnt

Grill the huarache on a comal and top with the roasted Mexican squash in mole pipian and the sauteed garlic-cumin potatoes, then finish with sliced radish, pumpkin seeds, pickled red onions and epazote.

learn this recipe and the rest of the menu at Sur La table Wednesday night.

Tune: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Slim Smith

So no Soul Supper at La Victoria on Wednesday this week. But thursday's menu is killer. And as it is the second Thursday of the month, we will be joined with music by GAUCHO!

Menu for Thursday night Soul Supper.

Low Country Boiled Peanuts

Fried Okra & Hot Sauce!

Collard Green, Tasso, Chicked Egg Roll with Hot Mustard Sauce and Hot Red Pepper Relish

Nettle Ricotta Ravioli in Corn Broth with Bacon Sucatash

Braised Shortribs ~ Pickled Watermelon ~ Candied Jalapeño - Hoppin' John

Corn Bread Panade, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic, Wild Mushrooms