Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Call To Flavor

When: Sunday October 3rd Noon - 3pm
Where: follow Soul Cocina Twitter for location
What: Street food party benefit for St Anthony Foundation
Who: SF Delicious, Evil Jerk, Lumpia Cart, Good Foods, Mad for Madeleines, Mali Num Num, Sataysfied, Sweet Constructions, Sour Flour, Mr Arroz Caldo, Adobo Hobo, Chile Lindo, Dezys Drinks and more...

Tune: Calling All Cows {1955} by Blues Rockers

Tune: Di Flavour {2008} by Buju Banton

Tune: Let The Good Times Roll {1974} by Little Beaver from Party Down

Tune: Whatcha See is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics

Tune: Kentucky Fried Chicken by Ronnie Foster from Two Headed Freap

Tune: Take Yo Praise by Camille Yarbrough

Tune: Fourty Days by Billy Brooks from Windows of the Mind

Please don't miss out on the Camille Yarbrough song if you are not already familiar. Some of the songs I post are not for everybody and for certain moods occasions, "Take Yo Praise" is for Everybody, All The Time.

Tune: Pico Pico by Los Pico Pico

Tune: Te Pico La Abeja by Alberto Pedraza

I'm sure there will be a few different types of tacos at Call To Flavor. I'll bring the hot sauce.