Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Outside In #8

Next Tuesday Dia de los Muertos OUTSIDE IN #8
with food by:
Urban BBQ aka Good Foods Caterers
Pizza Hacker
Kitchen Side Car
Traveling Takoyaki
Soul Cocina

music by:
J Boogie

both of these videos have been featured before on Soul Cocina blog but just case ya don't know... ya know.

art fashion by:
Danny Chimowitz
you need to check out his dia de los muertos stencil work

Pisco Punch by:
Pisco SF
Sign up for the San Francisco Pisco Foundation to try some of this elixer of los santos.

Cumbia Bass Mix by DJ Santero

Tune: Hungry Ghosts by Filastine

Remember to donate to the Dia de los Muertos non-profit because the procession and altar funding is at risk of dying because of higher permit fees this year.
~Dia De Los Muertos vs Star Wars via JacobChills via Mission Mission

R.I.P. Gregory Isaac, Marzieh & all the fallen soldiers

Tune: Khoda Koneh Ke Khabam Nabareh by Marzieh