Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Tuesday Night at The Corner with The Original Pizza Hacker

Dinner at THE CORNER tomorrow night 6pm-9pm

3 Kumumoto Oysters • Pickled Rhubarb • Micro Chervil • Sea Beans ~13.25

Piopino & Black Trumpet Mushroom Arancini • Gremolata • Truffeled Aioli ~12

Halibut Crudo • Fennel • Blood Orange ~14.50

Abalone • Asparagus • Guanciale • Italian Radish • Lemon - Caper - Calabrian Chile ~22.50

Caesar Salad • Sour Flour Croutons ~9.25

Hand Crafted Wood Fired Pizza made to order by the Original Pizza Hacker

{Photo from a recent Soul Cocina Feast - Venison Kibbeh}

Tune: Pizza Hut Taco Bell (Carlito Headset's Cumbia Mix) by Das Racist

This is an espionage project to steal valuable pizza insider info & techniques from T.O.P.H. for our upcoming Pizza Workshop.

Tune: 007 (James Bond Theme) by Fanfare Ciocărlia