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Daily Bread

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Holy Stromboli! This picture is from back when Danny gave out free pizza on Pizza Fridays at La Victoria. You can still pick up free bagels, while they last at La Victoria on Bagel Mondays.

Daily Bread "Elephants" | Oddisee Remix
Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown

From Mello Music Group-

Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) continues to release new music as they campaign for their self-titled album Daily Bread. Today they've reached out to label mate and producer Oddisee (whose album Rock Creek Park officially comes out everywhere Sept 6th on CD) remix the standout track Elephants.

The Oddisee remix of Elephants is being made available on a special edition bonus 45 record that FatBeats will release on 9/13 with the 2xLP vinyl edition of the new popular album Daily Bread.

The remix brings Oddisee's distinct drum patterns and Hassaan Mackey's gruff flow at it's best: "some down to earth shit the world aint ready for...verbs from the soul adding light to the mic."

Download Elephants (Oddisee Remix) here

Oddissee's new instrumental tracks are super fresh.

Here is one of my favorite older tracks by this beat crafting rhyme slayer.

Tune: Camera by Oddissee on Chillin Like a Villain Vol 5

definitely check out Rock Creek Park

And for some Chicago quality Hip Hop

Tune: Owl by Qwel & Maker from Owl on Galapagos4 records

Tune: Thin Red Line by Typical Cats