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Hot like Sriracha - Oakland Afro Sounds

Joni Haastrup is responsible for this Afro Boogie jam that calls out to free the people around the world. Recorded in London 1978 on the wonderful Afrodesia label, Joni Haastrup's first solo album, Wake Up Your Mind takes AfroSoul to the next level. I hear great influences in this album from the likes of sounds of the times like RAMP, Gary Bartz and even P Funk. But there is an undeniable African rhythm that carries this soul train across borders. Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaata would be able to play the entire song "Greetings" without lifting a needle or juggling records, because after the one minute spacey intro, it's like a five minute non stop break. I wonder if they were hip to this record back then?

Earlier in the seventies Joni's group MonoMono {The group, not the NYC Korean BBQ chicken joint} was deep on an Afro Funk Spiritual trip.

Makes sense that Joni Haastrup has settled in the Bay Area. Hope we get to see him in action in the bay sometime. Learn more about this legendary Afro funk artist here.

Tummy Touch Records/ Soundway Records has recently re-issued 3 albums from Joni Haastrup and his group MonoMono.

Wake Up Your Mind

Tune: Make Them Realise by MonoMono from the album Dawn of Awareness

& here's some Afro space psych soul jazz from MonoMono from the Give The Beggar a Chance LP

You can always get down to funky afro sounds at the Afrolicious party in SF

For another serious African dance party check out DJ Elembe.
He is one of the house DJs at Baobab and can be found at parties across the Bay spinning everything funky from Africa plus bhangra and reggae, a true party soldier that knows how to get the people moving.
I was happy to find Elembe's soundsystem set up next to the African food tent while waiting in line for plantains and black eyed peas at the Life is Living fest in Oakland earlier this month where I also stumbled upon a live performance by Los Rakas.

A Lil Weezy slow jam gets Rakafied - available for free download via Las Rakas Band Camp

Nice day for Los Rakas - Raka Dun's new joint Sueño Americano from his upcoming AfroLatino EP was featured on NPR's Alt Latino

SF, check Los Rakas out with Black Star at Mezzanine

Fresh Oakland Beats by Excentrik

Check the Excentrik collaboration with Strong Hold Sound

Buy/Stream Tune: Quick Minute from the Audio Refuge Compilation

This track hot, don't need no sriracha

not the first cats to burn trees in the walk in

Tune: over der where I live by Ñ Y D {slightly encrypted title to avert the machine}

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