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Big tings a gwan for Bryant Terry in 2012. Yesterday he shared 5 thoughts with Oprah (look for his BBQ bean sprouts recipe in the Feb issue of Oprah Magazine). And this morning he was on one of my favorite radio stations. KPFA, in conversation with Kris Welch on the program "Living Room". Bryant does such a great job of breaking down the labels and stereotypes of vegan life.
Living Room - January 19, 2012 at 12:00pm

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The first episode of his web series Urban Organic has just been released. The aquaponics farm in Oakland is pretty amazing.

His new book, The Inspired Vegan hits the shelves next week. You can pick up your copy at the book release "throwdown" on Tuesday January 24th at the Museum Of African Diaspora.

There will be music by Bay Area jazz legend Marcus Shelby, another artist who colors outside of the lines

The throwdown will also include sounds from Rennee Wilson and DJs Max Champ and Ellen Choy. And very special elixers from Slow Down Wines.

Soul Cocina will be curbside serving some gems from the new cookbook. I am thinking of preparing wild mushroom & black eyed peas jung with red chile shoyu, but the SF weather may call for something from the "Winter in Hong Kong" menu in the book. Like the two rice congee.
The steps of jung-making (Illustrations by Jidan Koon)

How to make jung video

The throwdown also happens to fall on Chinese New Year.

Check out Bryant's other books: Vegan Soul Kitchen and Grub.