Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Hearts and Spouge Beat

Our man Dontaye Ball is creating a farmers market Valentines feast for you and your bo this Saturday at Coffee Bar. The menu looks great and the meal will be accompanied by the sounds of Diya Kareem

Tasting Menu of Love

Champagne toast

Oysters on the Half Shell with Duo Bloody Mary and Champagne Shallot

Artisan cheese plate with toasted bread and local honey

Beet Salad with wild fennel, early winter Oranges, Arugula, House Made Herb Goat Cheese and Lemon Vinaigrette

Celery root and Gala apple soup shot with mint cream fraiche

Slow roasted free range chicken breast with Caramelized cauliflower puree and buttered wild mushrooms

A Threesome of Desserts

Strawberry basil panna cotta, Good Foods triple chocolate chip Cookie and pink lady apple and bourbon bread pudding

Reserve your spot ASAP

If you don't have a bo to share this intimate evening with, fear not. Dontaye will be providing the prepared food for the Lukes Local meal box next week. Sign up for your box today.

Then on Monday at Bar Tartine, Sarah Kirnon will cook two very special menus to be accompanied by beer from independent California brewers. The chef promises a playlist consisting of "some spouge ( look it up), yvonne elliman, the emotions,ashford and simpson, early calypso."

So reserve your spot and feast on Sarah's cuisine while you wait for Miss Ollie's to open.
Miss Ollie’s Menu

• Congo Style Soup
- salted beef, silver turnips, aubergine, giraumon, ti'figues, crusty yeast bread

• Miss Ollie's Fried Chicken
- pigeon pea Creole consommé, fresh bay leaf, lardons

• Christophine Tarte Tatin
- honey, wort, sweet spices

Miss Ollie, Sarah’s grandmother was a cook on a sugar plantation in Barbados is the namesake of Sarah’s signature Fried Chicken as well as her forthcoming Oakland restaurant.

Miss Edna Lewis’ Menu

• Salad of lettuce, baby spring onions, with home-made vinegar, sweet mustard
- crusty yeast bread, smoked salted butter

• Beer Braised oven Brisket
- sautéed parsnips, wild cress salad

• Rhubarb Pie with Pear Preserve
- vanilla custard sauce

Miss Edna Lewis was a chef and author sometimes called “the South’s Julia Child.” Her seminal cookbook “The Taste of Country Cooking” is considered the classic study on American Southern cooking.

Both menus will be served with bread and pickles.

THE BEER: "1 beer, 2 ways" from each of my 4 favorite independent brewers in the state.

With bread and pickles:
Linden Street Brewing Company “Deep Roots” Common Lager
Linden Street Brewing/Tartine Bakery “Daily BRed” Deep Roots grist fermented on the Tartine Bakery sourdough bread starter

With the first course:
Dying Vines “Dee’s Mild” Southern English Brown Ale
Dying Vines “Dee’s Wild” Dee’s Mild fermented on Lactobacillus

With the main course:
Moonlight Brewing “Death and Taxes” Black Beer
Moonlight Brewing “Prison Wages” Death and Taxes fermented with macerated pinot noir grapes and aged since 2010

With Dessert:
Craftsman Brewing “Heavenly Hefe” Bavarian Style Hefeweizen
Crastsman Brewing “Angelino Wiesse” Berliner Style Wiessbier

All diners will receive all 8 beers.