Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Indonesian Virtual Reality,

Traditional culture meets Hip Hop in Indonesia via Jogja Hip Hop Foundation.

The new video from Filastine has finally been released with great vocals by Nova Ruth
Filmed at sites of "ecological friction" the Colony Collapse video depicts a "slow motion apocalypse" with a killer soundtrack of beautifully hypnotic and intense sounds.
Y'all seriously need to cop this music. itunes amazon boomkat

And you can help suport the project at the Kickstarter page.

The film maker is Astu "Tooliq" Prasidya.
The next video due out by Filistine is for a piece called Gendjer which "combines a lost style of clandestine Indonesian soul music with traditional shadow theater as a ritual of counter-hegemonic brainwashing. Get it? You will when you see the video"!

Nova Ruth is also part of Jalam Surabaya, a musical group named after the street bazaar in Jakarta where the group used to dig for vinyl records. This is their Ep called Alam Maya which means "Virtual Reality"

Besides Nova Ruth, the other sound artists behind the Jalan Surabaya collective are Dangerdope, Unkle Ho and MC Bellal

here is an earlier collaboration between Australian circus beat maker Unkle Ho and Indonesian MC Nova Ruth

In this video Dangerdope chops up some bollywood and adds some beats.
And there are some nice beats made from old Indonesian records on the DangerDope Soundcloud page

Here are some dynamite beats from a project by dangerdope aka Dynodope with Jedimonk called Dynomonk

Here is some more from the fresh Indonesian beatboxers and freestylers of Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

I love the sounds of Kuno Kini
Kuno = "Old fashioned" Kini = "Nowadays"
Check out more sounds from Kuno Kini, including some pretty crazy Queen covers, on their soundcloud page

...and in very serious news a tiny dragon was recently discovered in the Lambusango forest of Indonesia.

Tune: Black Dragon Rebajada by unknown artist


Ngelmu Pring by Rotra

Traditional Anthem by Cek Ombak Project

Jogja Istimewa by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Goro Goro Punakawan by Cek Ombak Project

Alam Maya by Jalan Surabaya

Alam Maya (Dub Pirate Refix) by Jalan Surabaya

Kroncong Sapu Lidi by Orkes Kroncong Mutiara

Sinom 231 by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Gitu Saja Koq Repot by Ki Jarot

Lagu Jawa by Kunu Kini

Pega La Conga by Boogat

Asmaradhana 388 Serat Centhini by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

All Night Long by DJ Sol Rising

Enrredao by Lil Silvio

Joelito by Sickhead

Motto Moombah feat. Los Rakas & E-40 by J Boogie

Le feu (Mash's manouche rmx) by Boogat

By DJ Zhao

Cicak Nguntal Boyo by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Elvy Sukaesih by Kareta Malam

Asam2 by ju ju Indonesia

Tambores de Afrika by Santero feat Boogat

Colony Collapse (Beats Antique remix) (feat. Nova) by Filastine & Beats Antique