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inna jam

Inna Jam is building a kitchen. It will be a gluten-free, nut-free, meat-free, and dairy-free kitchen. Here is some info from the kickstarter program:


INNA jam is building a commercial kitchen! After a couple of years making jam in various shared commercial kitchens, we're so happy to find our own kitchen to call home in Emeryville, California. As you can imagine, building a commercial kitchen is an expensive project, and we need your help to acquire the much needed equipment. This includes: convection ovens, gas cooking ranges, stainless steel work tables, food-grade shelving, baker's speed racks, sinks, sanitizing dishwasher, lights, sheet pans, and much, much more.

By supporting us you're not only supporting this small business and helping us to become more sustainable, you're also supporting the local community and economy, organic agriculture, and other artisan producers. Once this kitchen is ready we'll be able to increase our production, which means INNA jam will be creating more jobs in the local economy. INNA jam will also be able to buy more organic produce from local farmers who are growing food in sustainable ways. Additionally, this kitchen will be available for other small-scale artisan producers like us who need a kitchen to work in and make their products. This kitchen will be specialized for fruit and vegetable work and will provide a much needed resource in the Bay Area.

INNA jam makes fruit jams and spicy pepper jams from fresh, organic produce that's sourced locally within 100 miles of our kitchen. We don't mix fruit and we don't add extra flavorings or ingredients, so our jam tastes just like the fresh fruit. Find out more about INNA jam on our website and on our blog.

Tune: Up Inna Belly by Busy Signal

Tune: Jam by ATCQ

Tune: Jama'aare by Etran Finatawa

Tune: Melon Jelly by Soul Ensemble as featured on the Eccentric Soul series from Numero Group Records. Do yourself a solid and buy all of these albums.

Tune: Gem Jam by Sacassaia