Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Streets of Bombay dinner at Dodo

7pm & 10pm
954 W Fulton St, Chicago


Bhel Puri

Goat Curry Pao • Mango Pickle
or Pav Bhaji

Pani Puri • Sprouted Fenugreek • Blood Orange

Aloo Gobi Samosa • Tamarind & Mint Chutney

Pork Sorpatel Kati Roll • Chicharrones • Guasacaca
or Holy Cow Kati Roll • Plantain • Kala Chana • Braised Dandelion Greens • Pickled Onions

Royal Faluda Kulfi

Real Food • Hand Made

Dodo will present a bar menu to add to the theme!

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Here is a breakdown of the menu:

Bhel Puri?
Soul Cocina has been serving bhel puri at Indian weddings and street food festivals for a while now. Puffed rice is dressed with fresh mint and tamarind chutneys and tossed with boiled potatoes, green mango, crispy fried lentils and roasted peanuts among other fun ingredients. This sweet, salty, tangy, spicey, crispy, luscious treat is served in Indian newspaper, just like on the streets of Mumbai.
Goat Curry Pao • Mango Pickle? What's that all about?
We slowly braise goat legs with fire roasted tomatoes, ginger, garlic, aromatic spices and chiles in banana leaves. The meat that falls off the bones and the sauce that we make from thickening the braising liquid with almonds, onions and sesame seeds is served with Soul Cocina mango pickle on a Goan style Portuguese Pao bread.
Pav Bhaji?
Pav Bhaji is a popular street food sandwich in India made with tomotoes and onions cooked down with other veggies and spices to make a succulent filling. Our version is Vegan!

Pani Puri • Sprouted Fenugreek • Blood Orange?
We make our own golgappas at Soul Cocina to ensure a crisp and fresh vehicle for our tangy tamarind water and spiced garbanzos. We sprout fenugreek seeds and add fresh blood orange segments to the mix. For folks that are familiar with this staple of Indian street food, they will be excited to sample this exciting version. For newcomers to this treat, one bite and they'll be hooked!
Aloo Gobi Samosa • Tamarind & Mint Chutney
Potatoes and cauliflower roasted with coriander and fennel are wrapped in a handmade pastry spiked with ajwain. With traditional mint and tamarind chutneys, this street food classic is a sure shot.
Pork Sorpatel Kati Roll • Chicharrones • Guasacaca?
The Adobo Hobo in San Francisco took their famous Filipino sisig and wrapped it in a taco with chicharrones. We were inspired by this and have decided to make a kati roll from the Goan pork dish, sorpatel, and wrap it in a paratha, just like a Calcutta kati roll. We make our own chicharrones with a process that involves boiling, dehydrating and frying, then we dress these tacos with guasacaca, the ubiquitous Venezuelan late night street food condiment made from avocados.
Holy Cow Kati Roll • Plantain • Kala Chana • Braised Dandelion Greens • Pickled Onions?
Our vegan kati roll is filled with Plantains and black Indian garbanzos (kala chana) and dandelion greens braised with brown cardamom and ginger. Plus Soul Cocina lime pickles.
Here are some videos I shot at ACE and Cidade de Goa of chefs making parathas.