Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely


Here are a couple of tunes I was turned onto this weekend in Lubbock, Texas

Tune: Aa Ante Amalapuram music by Devi Sri Prasad from the Telugu film Aarya

And another fun Telugu song from Devi Sri Prasad

Tune: Nuvvu Ready Nenu Ready from the film King

Here's a little mix I made in the airport on my laptop on my way home from Texas.

Willi Willi Dance - Pati feat Didi, Rico & Rynz
Shyo - Bigiano
Chipolopolo - Poli
Fula Torin - Subsuelo
Lapaz Toyota - Guru
Sorkode -Keche
Vitumbuwa - 2wo -1ne

Vitumbuwas are sweet fritters sold on the streets of Zambia!

To make these tasty treats at home, simply mix together some flour with a pinch of salt and baking powder and sweeten to taste with a little sugar. Whisk in cold water until you get a thick pancake batter and then deep fry till golden. This is a standard Zambian snack and a crowd pleaser. Who dosn't like fried sweet dough?

But the Zanzibar version is what I really love. Made with rice flour instead of wheat flour and leavened with yeast instead of baking powder, the real beauty of the Zanzibar Vitumbuwa comes from the delicate infusion of cardamom and black pepper and the use of coconut milk in place of water.

Once I perfect the Soul Cocina sourdough Zanzibar Vitumbuwas, I will share the recipe.