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San Francisco get ready for Maga Bo!  The day he played in Chicago last weekend he brought a tropical storm that killed the electricity in my neighborhood and knocked down trees.  Maga Bo beautifully combines natural traditional acoustic rhythms with mind blowing bass and beats like no other.  It is not forced music.  Organic sounds produced locally and globally in an honest way. Just like the cuisine of Soul Cocina!  Rupture says it well:
“Maga Bo’s new album is a tremendous piece of work. He focuses on the soulful vocals and rhythmic complexity of roots music in his home country, Brazil. It’s beautifully recorded and mixed. Maga Bo reimagines global bass music from the ultra-informed, local standpoint — which means we get glorious call& response vocals, supple drumming, subtle sub-bass whomp. In short, this is the first Brazilian album i’ve ever heard which is indispensable for purist fans of Afro-Brazilian folk music *and* every DJ interested in mashing up the dancefloor with heavyweight electronic riddims. That’s a big claim, but this is a big album”  — DJ /Rupture

Sunday August 12

DUB MISSION presents 
DJ SEP, LUDICHRIS and special guest 
Celebrating the release of Maga Bo's QUILOMOBO do FUTURO 
at Elbo Room - 647 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 
Club is 21+ - Club info: 415 552 7788 
9 pm to 2 am - $7

His new album Quilombo Do Futuro is pure fire.  

Like the well crafted sounds of Maga Bo, the cuisine of Soul Cocina has a rhyme and a reason.  Our sprouted mung bean cakes may seem like an odd forced fusion dish, but there is actually a method to the madness.  I used to make dim sum style daikon cakes/ turnip cakes at Mu Du Noodles with the gracious chef owner Mu and the cook Maria.  The three of us were the only prep cooks for weekend dim sum brunches which always drew big crowds.  The daikon cake was one of my favorites from these days.  While cooking in the South Indian kitchen at Cidade de Goa with chef Vankatash, I added uttapan to my reperatoire of quick and easy dishes ("quick" besides the fermentation of the batter).  Vankaji taught me to sprout the beans first and to use other beans besides urad dal, like mung dal to make pessaratu.

This summer, while cooking in the Santa Cruz Mountains among the redwoods, I was looking for a way to bring extra love, nutrition and flavor to some guests with a few dietary restrictions.  I decided to combine the world of Mu's daikon cake and Vankaji's pessaratu with a bunch of extra veggies tossed in.

Vanka Mu Sprouted Mung Bean Cakes

• sprout 4 cups of mung beans
 Tune: Music for Sprouting Beans
• soak 4 cups of basmati rice overnight
• grind all the rice with some water to create a batter the consistency of pancake batter.
• grind half of the sprouted mung beans with some water and combine with the rice batter.
• mix in lots of grated daikon radish, grated carrots, chiffonade of kale or other hearty greens, garlic chives... (customize it!)

UTTAPAN/ PESSARATU STYLE • This batter can now be seasoned with a little salt and cooked in a skillet like an uttapam by frying in a tiny bit of rice oil or coconut oil like a pancake then top with chopped herbs and veggies, like scallions, more sprouted beans, grated kohlrabi... customize as you like.

TURNIP CAKE STYLE •Pour the seasoned batter into plastic wrapped lined loaf pans and steam for 30 minutes until set.  Then allow to cool and slice into wedges the size of sliced bread.  Fry the wedges in a little rice oil or coconut oil.

Tune: Intentalo VS La Negra Tomaza ft My Style Cumbiero and Timeless Cumbia ft. Manu Chao (Oralestyle)  by frijoleroryddim - OR@LESTYLE

Tune: Herbs around Baghdad (WeedBomb Refix) by Outkast & Collie Buddz vs Q3000 from Boon Blends via bdp mashups soundcloud

Thornato always seems to blend the organic with the electric in a very nice way.

we may have posted this following track before at Soul Cocina, but it is just that good....

After Miles davis played a fewstival with Sly and the Family Stone and Led Zeppelin, he decided to incorporate electronic instruments into his organic acoustic sound.  ... On The Corner ... Bitch's Brew...

You can cook at home, but if you cook in a restaurant, get hip to the lingo: